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    May 16, 2011
    new 2011 macbook pro compatible with SSD sata III?
    I was just wondering if the new macbook pro 2011 unibodys are compatible with solid state drives that are SATA III (which I think is 6GB/s)

    If so,

    Can I get some opinions on what SSD to buy?

    I want more than 120 GBs, and ive done so much shopping for one its getting rediculous. I read reviews of people saying this one crashed on them, that one crashed, this one doesn't live up to the read/write speeds that it says it does and so on. its getting annoying.

    Has anyone had a SSD for awhile now that hasnt crashed, that is very fast like they should be, and a very reliable computer.

    And oh yea, are all SSD's compatible with the Mac OS X?

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    May 16, 2011
    every review of every ssd that i can find has so many people saying it died within 2 weeks, a month, that they've bought even more then 1 and the same thing happened.


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