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    Unsure what is wrong with my screen
    A few days ago I was working on my Mac and all of a sudden about 10% of the screen went fuzzy like a TV screen does. I turned my mac off completely and it was still there I move my screen back forth slowing and at certain points it would disappear but eventually come back.

    When I print/screen it doesn't show, so I am completely stumped. I think might have something to do with that side of my screen being loose or something totally unsure what it is wrong.

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    Oh that's not good sadly. Looks like you either have a loose connection to the screen (has it been knocked in to?) or you have a failed video card on the logic board.
    How old is the iMac, and what model is it? There is history of certain models having screen problems, and Apple will replace them.
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    Yep, I'd agree.. although it's at least a semi-recent unibody, hopefully it's under warranty or applecare.
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    May 20, 2011
    same here
    I have the same problem with my macbook (the first model that had the unibody, late 2008, I guess), only that this stripe of flickering colored lines is in the centre of the screen. When it appeared the first time, I could make the lines disappear by physically moving the display or the whole macbook in random directions, but now (2 days later) it got worse and only pulling the display towards myself on the right side seems to help. But as soon as I let go, these return and annoy me.
    Does anybody think that this can be solved by unplugging and cleaning the display-connectors or something similar? I neither have applecare, nor do I have money to pay for replacements ;(

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    Shouldn't be the video card because it doesn't show up on a screen shot. So its either the LCD or the video cable. I always asume its the panel first. There are many guides online to replace them yourself.

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    Agreed with above that its not the video card. You can always double check this by plugging in an external display, but it sounds more like a bad LCD panel or video cable.
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    Mine has been doing the same thing since march
    It happened JUST before the warranty went out, i snapped pictures and everything. I called apple and told them, however it was a few days after warranty. They so "graciously" sold me applecare, $180 with student price. well, this is the third MAJOR issue i have had. They replaced the entire topcase (mouse/keyboard) and also the hard drive has failed. I asked that they replace the machine because it was the third major problem, therefore making it a lemon in my eyes. however when i took it to my authorized servicer they could not reproduce the problem, they had it for a week and couldn't reproduce the problem. The only difference is that mine is on the right of the screen, crazy huh. i have also seen pictures of it in the middle of the screen. this is really killing me because i need this computer to work! i am a web designer and i can't go without my computer for very long! I need to get this fixed, it doesn't happen for very long, but when it happens it wont go away! how can i reproduce this problem for them to see? i show them a video i took on my iphone with the serial number so it proves it is happening on my mac. and nothing. I thought applecare was supposed to provide helpful assistance, they dont. i just want a computer that works. since owning my mac for about 15 months, i have been without it for a total of about 3 weeks, plus i need to take it back in to see a different servicer to see if they can "reproduce" it. what can i do to make it be reproduced!?! is it the lcd or just a cable? i asked the first servicer to check all the cables and supposedly they did, but who knows. any help would be appreciated. thanks!

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    Sep 30, 2010
    So, it's about now 3 months later I need to get my screen fixed! I came home to my screen foreshadowing it getting worse (random lines across screen that disappear quickly but I know this is not good!)

    I found a site that show how a LCD problem should look and it definitely is not that! It has to be the video cable/card (is there a difference?).

    I tried to look up instructions on how to replace one, but no luck. Do you know of any?


    Quote Originally Posted by thurstmw View Post
    Shouldn't be the video card because it doesn't show up on a screen shot. So its either the LCD or the video cable. I always asume its the panel first. There are many guides online to replace them yourself.

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    I agree with the advice you were previously given. It's not the video chipset. It's either the video cable (likely suspect) or the LCD itself is wonky. Try changing out the video cable first as that is less expensive and easier to do. Instructions can be found at iFixit: The free repair manual. They may also have the video cable in stock.

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