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    Unhappy need help with touchpad!!!
    I have trouble with my touchpad on macbook pro macosx 10.6.7 since about a half year i guess.
    It doesn't function anymore, and for long time the left mouse button key just got stuck and i was marking the whole screen with my mouse instead of being able to click anything.
    Now i have already disabled the touchpad when the mouse is connected, but this feature doesn't help me anymore. The left mouse button on my touchpad has now totally no function anymore, and sometimes after the computer finished the startup, the left mouse button wont work either, because the computer was loading the touchpad first.

    So the question is, is there anyway to totally disable the trackpad, no matter if there is/is not any mouse connected?

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    Take the computer apart and unplug it. Choose your model and find out which cable it is.

    You can also replace your trackpad or topcase depending on your model if you are interested.

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