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    Mac Pro locked keyboard and other issues
    So today I was using my MacBook Pro, which I got about 8 or 9 months ago, and it was working fine. All of a sudden, a prompt popped up asking me if I was SURE I wanted to shut down. I got rid of the prompt and thought nothing of it. Then I walked away and when I came back a few minutes later, my computer was off. I turned it back on, but it wouldn't let me type-- it made a noise everytime I tried to type, but no words appeared. Also, everytime I tried to click with the mousepad, the computer responded as if I was right-clicking. Several hard restarts did nothing to fix the problem. To make matters worse, it shut down about fifteen minutes ago by itself, and for five minutes or so wouldn't turn back on. Now it's turned back on, but experiencing the same problems as before. Any ideas?

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    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    Don't mess with it any more as it could be a serious hardware problem. The machine is still under warranty so give Apple a call and make an appointment with your nearest Apple store to have it looked at. Have you been making backups of your data?

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