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    outlook email not syncing
    I have had microsoft outlook email installed via an exchange server through work on my mac for 6 months, a few days ago it stopped syncing. When I sync it, emails appear to download but don't end up in my inbox. My phone outlook is working just fine. Genius bar wasn't able to figure it out. Help!

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    A couple of things to check... first have you rebuilt the Outlook database? Quit Outlook, then while holding the Option key, launch again. You should receive a box asking if you would like to rebuild your database. Click rebuild, and when finished, quit and launch Outlook normally. The second thing I'd suggest is (after a backup) deleting your email account from Outlook and re-adding it. And I guess a third would be to make sure you have updated your Office to SP1 (14.1.0).

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    Same exact thing happening here. All my mail items in all of my folders appeared, but nothing new would appear. It would download and increase the folder size, but no items would actually appear. I first tried clearing the folder (inbox) cache and resynching, which didn't help, then I rebuilt the database and it turns out that NONE of my inbox messages would appear. Again, they ALL download and increase the folder size, but do not appear. I can log onto Outlook on my PC (Windows) and see every message, new and old, just fine.

    Any other ideas what might be happening?

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