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    Buy thru school or wait for back to school?
    Hey guys,

    I heard news that Apple was going to do their Back to school promotions starting next week.

    Makes sense, considering my school's special on Apple products is expiring in three days.

    I want to weigh the options, but I need a little more info. I am a bit unfamiliar with Apple's back to school promotion. Would the savings be better than my school's deal?

    I am looking at the lowest spec'd MBP ($1,199). I can get it through my school for $1,232, and it comes with:
    MBP i5
    3yr Applecare
    Apple TV
    HP3050 Printer ($80).
    Its a $230 savings if I bought it all separate.

    Basically, I want to know if I were to wait for the Apple Back to School promotion in a week, and if I sold the iPod Touch, would I get the MBP for cheaper WITH applecare? (I could care less about the printer).

    What are your thoughts?

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    Hard to say...depends on how much of a profit you make off the sale of said device.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrimsonRequiem View Post
    Hard to say...depends on how much of a profit you make off the sale of said device.
    I would assume at least $150 for the iPod Touch.

    I could sell the Apple TV for $80 or so?

    I feel like buying through my school is a better deal than Apple's deal, but I just heard how people felt ripped off when they bought through my school.

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    your school promotion looks pretty hefty. I'd go with that. the 3 yr AppleCare isn't cheap, and they'll take care of you

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    Your education discount through the Apple Store would deduct about 1/3 from AppleCare, so the $249 package would cost about $180. You'd get $100 off the computer. You'd have to buy the iPod Touch up front and have the rebate processed, which would take 8-10 weeks.

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