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    Macbook Pro 13 base model video editing performance
    Here is my situation:

    Just received my MacBook Air 11 last week and I absolutely love it. The only downside so far is the editing power. I didn't expect much going in, but I can't even playback SD video in Quicktime, much less HD video without the video stuttering badly.

    I bought the MBAir to use on the go, around the house, traveling, etc (I still use a Windows desktop for main computer/gaming). I didn't anticipate any heavy editing at first, but it seems as though I might be heading down that path.

    I am thinking about returning the MBAir to Amazon in exchange for the 13 inch base MBPro.

    How is the video editing experience on that model? Fast, smooth video playback, any heat issues? Anyone use Final Cut Express with it?


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    In order to do any kind of serious video editing, I recommend a machine that has a discrete graphics processor with its own VRAM. The MBP 13" model uses an Intel HD 3000 integrated GPU which is fine for most things but IMO, not for gaming or video editing.

    Spend the extra $$ and move up to a 15" MBP.

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    My base 2011 13" plays 1080p HD movies without a problem, and does it inside of a VM no less. Does VMWare video support the HD 3000 features? My guess is that it does not, which is a huge handicap. Yet, even with this handicap, HD plays smoothly at 2560x1440 resolution on the excellent 27" Cinema display.

    If you want to pay more for a discrete graphics chip - it is only going to be worth the extra $ if your software actually uses the features of that specific chip. So, plan on doing some searching or asking your software's tech support if the chip of your choice is supported.
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    like I tell everyone else, a low end mbp is fine for low quantity hd editing. if you have 1tb of footage then definitely step it up (Mac pro...). the gpu in the low end mbp can handle hd footage. it's just slow at rendering, but when you don't have a lof of footage, you're counting just a couple of seconds...

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