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    MAC Book external charger?
    MacBook late 2009 Aluminum 13" has water damage and MAg safe board is cooked. After a diagnosis from a local repair shop, computer boots from charged battery but not from Mag safe. Display does not come up but system works on external monitor.

    IS there a way to charge the battery outside of the computer itself?

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    Nope, you'll want to get the logic board replaced if you want it to work.
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    It could just be the DC board not the whole logic board which is fried interms of not charging the battery which is about at 30 dollar fix if you do it yourself. Wont help the screen though.

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    Yes there is. Like most laptop batteries, Macbook ones talk the SMbus protocol to the computer. It's not difficult for those in the know to reverse engineer the protection PCB inside the battery as it's made up of non-proprietry chips.

    There's a lot of 3rd party battery chargers out there on ebay: External Battery Charger for APPLE MACBOOK A1185, A1181 | eBay UK

    To all the naysayers, the battery is very comprehensively protected by its internal PCB against overcurrent/voltage during charging, so there's no way the external charger can blow it up.

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