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    Macbook Pro 3 beeps restarts many times!
    After updating a software using the software updater, when my macbook 15" 2011 restarts, it gongs (startup sound) , then is followed by 3 beeps then shuts off, turns on gong, turns off. it does that around 3-5 times then it finally powers up normally. I have read around, is it my RAM? I did upgrade to 8gb total, (4 each slot) when i first bought it, and it was fine then.

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    Had the same problem on my 09 MBP or the only one so far one stick was bad and the way its designed if one is bad nothing works so you got the option of taking it back and
    let them replace it which I would or if you need it now power down remove one stick then
    try it if it still does not work swap the ram around different stick different slot. Apple does not make the ram it happens can fail on any brand.

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    Thanks for your reply, i will try one as soon as i get an update.

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    Did you upgrade the memory yourself or did Apple do it? If you upgraded the memory yourself, open the machine back up and reseat the modules. In other words, pull them out and push them back in again. Of course if Apple upgraded it for you, take it back to them. It sounds like one of the modules is not making good contact. It may have "creeped" out of the socket which is why it was OK at first.

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