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    Until now I have to say I never even knew a 2.5" 40GB 7200rpm hard drive existed.

    I know of the 7200rpm 60gig 2.5" drives (such as the Hitachi 7K60 Travelstar) but not 40gb...

    Still amusing bull dung on that eBay listing. No wonder people in my trade (sales, Apple sales...) get a bad name with jerks like that pushing out such crud. Still, anyone who doesn't check Apple out for a reference price first and blindly bids on eBay is stupid or has money to burn and they don't care.

    And as said, fitting a superdrive into an iBook 12" or old 14" combo model or indeed 12/15" P'Book combo model isn't difficult, it is just fiddly. Just sourcing the slot loading mechanism and that's half the game won.


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    If people are stupid enough to go for this without doing a little research, then too bad for them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by D3v1L80Y
    There are still ways to let people know they are being scammed. All one has to do is use the "ask the seller a question"...and then type in your warning, you don't really have to ask a question. It will automatically get posted in the listing, since that is one of the more recent improvements to eBay.
    Those questions don't get automatically posted, the seller has to answer then and there is an option for displaying on listing.

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    If he can get people to buy them for 1000 bucks too much, good for him.

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    1.33GHz 12" iBook; iMac G3 333Mhz; Use Dual 2Ghz PM G5's
    And no negitave feedback? He's good.

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    dual 2.5 ghz g5 desktop with ati 800x video card,14" iBook 1gb

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    I love the MASSIVE-Data-Storing Disc DVD-RW part...
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