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    standard razor death adder 3500 dpi work on macbook pro?
    I know that there are two razor deadth adder, one for windows and one for mac.

    I want to buy the razor death adder for mac, but in my town it's not available. So I turn my head to the one for windows.

    my question, if I buy the standard death adder(the one for windows) would it work properly on a macbook pro without special driver installation ? I'm not a gamer, I just need the basic function of the mouse plus it's laser sensor.

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    That mouse is overkill for general computing. The only reason for that kind of DPI in a mouse is for gaming. For art, you would be better served with a tablet (Wacom et al.)

    Will it work? Possibly. By default it may only recognize the 2 buttons and MAYBE the scroll wheel. An application called "Steer Mouse" will enable all other buttons and allow you to assign functions to them. I use it with great effect for both gaming and working in other applications with my Logitec G700. It is free to try for 30 days. SteerMouse TOP

    Personally, if you are just using the mouse for general computing and not gaming, get the Magic Mouse. I have one of those that is always in my bag and I use it when I am not at home.
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