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    Wrong Memory Type Installed in Powerbook
    My girlfriend just got a new powerbook from CompUSA. When I took a look at it I noticed that the extra memory CompUSA gave them was the wrong kind and instead of showing up as 512mbs was showing up as 256mb. What kinda damage can this do to the computer?

    We have had them replace the memory, but now the computer is crashing all the time and there is something wrong with the Lower Slot Memory(which should be the memory from apple and not the new one) according to the Apple Hardware Test

    Basically I am wanting to know if this could have done any real damage to the computer. My gf's mom is wanting them to replace the whole system.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    How is the memory from the store labeled? If it's failing the hardware test there is something wrong that the store should fix. You could try reseating the module, but that is your call. Make them fix the faulty module , and if they can't, make them replace the machine.

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    I don't think it is possible for a ram module to "break" another ram module. Also keep in mind that while it is unlikely, you may have gotten a DOA built in RAM module.

    There is a possibility that the install of tiger is still looking for that old (no good) ram module.

    Try a reinstall of the OS software, if that does not work I'd suggest taking it to CompUSA and getting them to fix the problem they created, or calling apple and seeing if they can help.

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    I would not recomend fooling around with it, do not star clean installing your software, or buying new ram to put in there yourself how ever easy it is to do and I have done it and people do it all the time, but if they open it up and see that the ram is not the ram that they put in there they will think you were the one who broke it by doing something incorrectly and they will not replace the powerbook. Take it back tell them what is wrong they should replace it right then and there. If not take it to the apple store if they don't replace it they deffinatly will fix it.. (has to be sent out they don't have the ability to do that in the apple store.. I know this because my computer has to be sent out aswell for the same problem, mine was not new when this happened, so you should be able to get it replaced because it was just bought and it was deffective.)
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