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Thread: LCD replacement

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    LCD replacement
    the just of what happened. my ibook was on a desk, desk collapsed, ibook fell, lcd got shattered.

    now could anyone refer me to either of these 2 things please:

    a) a place that'll sell ibook 14 inch lcd displays for replacement

    b) a good do it yourself guide for replacing the LCD display.

    before they're asked/said. the warranty on the ibook has expired. taking it to a apple certified repair depot, or the apple store itself will cost about 1000$ for them to replace it (the LCD via apple costs like 800$, then like 200$ for 20 minutes of work. just GREAT)

    so someone please help me out. im so vexed that i feel like smashing something :/

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    Here is a starting place (
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    MacBook is another good place for parts and instructions
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    14" G3 LCD. LINK!!!

    Should work though. Then just goto pbfixit and install it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rgivans
    14" G3 LCD. LINK!!!

    Should work though. Then just goto pbfixit and install it.
    sadly enough, wont work with my g4 1.2 lappy

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    Looks like a good site rman. To me $350 sounds reasonable for a new LCD with a warranty, as compared to $800 from Apple.

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    They're always on eBay, too.

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