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    Turn down Mac Sound
    Hi All,

    Just bought a new pair of inner-canal headphones. They are great, but very loud even when the mac is set to the lowest possible volume.

    Is there anyway to reset the volume slider when the headphones are in, so that either:

    1.) The minimum and maximum volume are lower
    2.) There are many more steps in the volume, to give me some more control over the volume at low levels?

    I see that if I go into sound and adjust the volume manually, I can get smaller volumes - so in theory there should be some system to let you do that with the volume buttons.



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    Hold down option and shift when adjusting the volume and you will get 4 clicks per block on the screen

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    Quote Originally Posted by thurstmw View Post
    Hold down option and shift when adjusting the volume and you will get 4 clicks per block on the screen
    Very nice - did not know that

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