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Thread: Installing a new SSD on new MBP (Vertex 3)

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    Installing a new SSD on new MBP (Vertex 3)
    So I am installing the Vertex 3 240gb on my new macbook pro 2011 15 inch. I just got this macbook pro 2011 so I have no stuff on it except what it came with. And I've only turned it on a few times to play around with it. I have a few questions:

    1) Since I have no stuff on it, I can just do a clean install of OSX with the disc the macbook came with right? I will not need to clone anything right?

    2) I've heard about all this PRAM or whatever reseting for SSD installing. Is that nessecary? Do I need to do anything to the system before I install the SSD?

    3) I heard TRIM doesn't sit well with Vertex 3 so I would like to leave that off. Will I need to do anything specifically after I install the Vertex 3 to turn TRIM off? Or is it automatically off?


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    Hope I can help a little on this...

    1) You certainly can just do a clean install on it, you won't need to clone anything if you have not installed anything or saved any work on it. Using the disc that came with the macbook will work a treat.

    2) You shouldn't need to reset PRAM for installation of the SSD but if you do need to it is very very simple and a guide on doing it is here (it's as simple as holding a few keys on boot). No other steps are necessary, just install the SSD, boot into your OSX disk that came with the machine, format the SSD, install OSX.

    3) Trim isn's support by Snow Leopard anyway so it won't be used/ turned on by default. However Lion is reportedly going to have full trim support so you may be able to use it alot more comfortably when that comes out.

    Hope this helps

    - Simon

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    Thanks for the reply! Also, would there be any problem in installing 4GB of ram along with the SSD at the same time? Can I do both in one install?

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    Do them one at a time. Doing two upgrades at once can lead to trouble if something goes wrong. Install the memory first. Then check to see that the system recognizes the new memory. If that's OK, proceed and install the new SSD.

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