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Thread: Help! Blue flicker when connecting MBP to TV with HDMI

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    Help! Blue flicker when connecting MBP to TV with HDMI
    Hi, I have been trying to connect my MBP to a Panasonic 42" TV with a Monoprice Mini DVI to HDMI cable. I use the headphone jack for audio and the audio is working well. I can get a picture and the display preferences shows the Panasonic TV. The picture quality is fine (great actually) but frequently - maybe every 15 sec or so the TV image and MacBook Pro goes blue and comes back after a few flickers - as if there were a loss of signal. Has anyone had a similar issue or can anyone tell me where the problem lies? Is my cable bad? I have an American MBP and a PAL TV (though it is supposed to play NTSC as well). Any help is appreciated. Thanks

    MacBook Pro OSX 10.6.7
    Panasonic 42" TV
    Panasonic TX-L42S20, 42"LCD, FullHD, 100Hz, DVB-T/C, Schwarz
    Mini DVI to HDMI
    For only $8.26 each when QTY 50+ purchased - 10ft 32AWG Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable - White | Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cables

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    First thing to do is unplug the cable (both ends) and plug it back in - even if it looks ok.

    That doesn't work, the cable would be my first suspect. But, I'd try your MBP to another TV.
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