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    Exclamation *NEED HELP* Macbook Pro wont go past load screen, tried many things
    Hello All, I am new to the community but have been searching on here for years getting advice for my mac. I now finally have a problem that i cant fix.

    I have a macbook pro 17" about 4 years old now and recently when i turn it on it boots the loading white screen with the apple logo but does not go any further. Looking back at old threads i have tried the following:

    - resetting the NVRAM by holding cmd+alt+p+r
    - taking out the battery and trying to reset the SMC
    - holding down shift and trying to boot in safe mode

    All were unsuccessful. Also i do not have the original start up disk.

    My biggest problem:

    Im in AFRICA, specifically in Ghana, and there are most certainly no apple stores here.
    I am a volunteer going to be in country for the next year and a half. Basically i am just looking for any help anyone can give on how to fix my problem or basically flat out tell me my hard drive is done and im screwed :/ Thanks

    - freaking out in africa

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    This might mean that your hard disk is dead I could have told you to make a disk repair but you said you don't have the start up disk, and I do not think you will find someone has a start up disk for you to barrow .
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    yep, sounds like a hard drive issue. maybe you could order a snow leopard retail disc set from the internet, along with a new hard drive.
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