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Thread: External hard drive issue

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    External hard drive issue
    I am looking for some advice for using external hard drives properly.

    First of all I have just bought a new hard drive and when I copied my old one to it there are several files missing. I reformatted and tried again and there are still errors. What's the best way to avoid these errors or catalogue them so I can then go back and correct them. My drives hold about 350Gb so this is quite time consuming.

    When I have that sorted I would like to set up a disk back up chain. I want to use time machine to clone my computer which is easy. Then I have a DJ drive that is a primary drive, and a data drive that is a primary drive, and I want to back them both up twice to other external drives. Is there some reliable software that I can set up to do that where I can then just plug in the drives and it will recognise them and make any ammends as copying the entire drives each time is unrealistic?

    Thanks in advance for any help. This is doing my nut in!

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    Still stuck =(

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    You haven't given us a clue about how you're copying from one drive to the other.

    The recommendations are going to be:
    Time Machine
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