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Thread: Macbook or Powerbook + Ipad

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    Macbook or Powerbook + Ipad
    Bear with me because I'm a novice when it comes to a Mac. I want to be able to us an Ipad to mimmick or control a Macbook or Powerbook. Here is a video that shows what I am trying to accomplish.

    YouTube - Running a StudioLive 24 with a iPad - Rick Naqvi - PreSonus Audio

    In the video he shows a feature called "screen sharing"
    I'm looking to buy a used Macbook or maybe a Powerbook. How far back can I go to be able to use this feature. Can I use a laptop running Tiger to "screen share to an Ipad. Thanks for your help.

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    that's bananas!!! so cool

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    Scroll down to Mac computer requirements also has the version of iTunes you need.
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