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Thread: 2009 13 macbook pro battery issue

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    2009 13 macbook pro battery issue
    Whats good ?

    alright so I got the 2009 macbook pro 13inch model. I am beginning to get a little concerned about the battery. I bought the computer last Janurary right before they came out with the 2010 edition macbook pros. Below i have listed some information i pulled from coconut battery. The reason i am concerned is that i am only at 134 cycles and my battery is already at 83 % and they claim the battery will last up to 1000 cycles before it drops to 80 % of its original capacity. Or something around like 5 years they said.

    Will apple replace the battery even if it is not a warranty ? I can only imagine by june or july that the battery health will be down to about 80 %.

    current battery capacity: 4542 mAh
    original battery capacity: 5450 mAh

    battery cycle count: 134

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    Okay, speaking as an attorney (which is what I am), this is what I would do.
    (You don't say where you are, this suggestion is geared for what U.S. law requires.)

    I would make a *written* report of the situation to Apple Support. Keep a copy of the report.

    I wouldn't expect them to do anything right away. Rather, I would expect them to tell you to come back when your battery died. (That isn't an unreasonable thing for them to suggest.)

    Now, if your battery dies not long after your warranty expires, I would contact Apple Support again, and present the original report. In the U.S., the original report, made within the warranty period, protects your rights under the warranty, even outside the warranty period.

    Naturally, most folks in the rank and file that you deal with at Apple have no idea what the law requires. This is a matter best taken up with a manager in Support, or someone in Apple Customer Relations.

    If you have questions about this later on, I'd be happy to answer them.


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    I had the same issue with my 09 pro 13". I just took it into my local Apple Store and had the guys there hook it up to their diagnostic software. It showed that I had some bad cells. It was out of warranty by 4 months and had about 400 cycles on it. The guy asked if I wanted it replaced I commented on the fact that the battery lasted a year and if that's what I can expect from this point forward and he assured me that should not be the case. Took it in the back through a new battery in it and said they opted to replace it out of warranty by exception and would not charge me. I would recommend that you take it in and see what they say. Don't expect them to replace it and have a good attitude with them and I think you will be surprised how how far being nice and understanding can take you. Just my experience.

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