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    Mbp won't run (even without battery)
    Hi, all.

    I noticed a few days ago, my mbp shut down when batt life was at 30%. Battery is on the way out I thought. But now I'm getting worried as it will not power up at all. Even when connected to the power adaptor, battery in or out. The battery indicators say full power. It's a 2008 model, the last before the unibody came out (yup that was gutting!).

    According to other threads it should still work with the power supply if the battery is dead. Is this correct? When I push the power button it (mechanically) sounds like it will start, then all is dead after 5 seconds.

    Could it be the battery, please say it is

    Cheers (I have tried the cmd/ctrl power and pram reset)

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    The machine should run even without the battery, albeit more slowly. You can try another battery but make sure you buy it from somewhere that offers a refund in case it doesn't solve the problem.

    You might also have a defective MagSafe charger power adapter, so you might consider trying that first. Again, purchase where you can get a refund.

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    It would make more sense if the apple store could do a diagnostics check (free). I live in the uk and have been on hold for 1hr 20 mins before I gave up. Do you know if they will do this?

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    Sure, if you have an Apple Store close to you, make an appointment and go in. They can test a known good adapter and should have a known good battery as well to test. They also have a diagnostic utility they can run to verify the hardware is working properly in most cases. Rule of thumb, at least when I was in the store, all diagnostics at the bar are free. Once it's checked in, then a cost might be involved.

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