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    White MacBook 2006 Touchpad issue
    I have a White Macbook from August 2006.
    The touchpad button gave me some hard time but I managed to fix it putting a little piece of paper between the touchpad and the battery.
    Unfortunately now this doesn't seem to be enough anymore. The button clicks, but somehow is not getting any electrical contact.

    I really do not want to spend 100 to get it fixed it now, and I am happy to open it and fix it myself.

    What do you think could be the problem?

    Thank you!

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    I think it could just be a worn out part, or, it could be that your battery has expanded causing this to happen (which is not rare).

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    It could be a loose connection somewhere.
    If you really are happy to take it apart yourself you may want to follow this guide on iFixit... word of warning though these Macbook's are a major pain in the bum when it comes to disassembly and reassembling. Make sure you know/ remember/ keep all the screws organised so you can put them all back in the correct places. The amount I have taken apart and having to go back because I have missed one or two screws is ridiculous

    Installing MacBook Core Duo Upper Case - iFixit

    Hope this helps
    - Simon

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