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    Question mac won't start up
    left my mac on standby for the 3-day weekend which i usually do, i hardly ever shut it down. i've done this for as long as i've had it which is almost 3 years now and never had a problem. i noticed first that the adapter wouldn't charge the battery - the light just stayed green and wouldn't turn red. so when i unplugged it, it would shut off.

    then, after using it for an hour or so, i shut it off to try and restart the battery. this didn't work but now, it won't log on. my primary account wouldn't sign on after entering my password - it just showed the standard leopard desktop and not my custom desktop. i shut it down another time and waited at least 15 seconds before turning it on again. i tried logging onto a guest account, and though it went a little further than the leopard desktop - it actually showed the custom desktop and icons - it doesn't have the mac startup bar or anything. i can't click on the mac hard drive icon or any of the icons on the task bar.

    what is it?? is it a virus? coincidentally, my sophos anti-virus just finished it's run and i neglected to renew the license...

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    people might help you if you enter you Mac Specs
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