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    Feb 20, 2011
    Macbook or Macbook Air
    Hi everyone
    Ive been using a windows pc forever and have been convinced to get myself a Macbook.

    I was just wondering what to buy a Macbook or Macbook Air 11"?

    I will mainly be using it to create games for iPod Touch and iPhone using the GameSalad Creator and was just wondering which of these models would run it better?


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    Both machines are fine computers. However, what it may come down to is how much hard drive space and memory are you going to need? The "Air" is limited as it uses flash memory modules for storage (not a SSD) and the system memory maximum is 4 GB. Also, do you need a CD\DVD drive?

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    I was going to get a macbook air (13 inch) but chose not to as the macbook pro was priced about the same and it has a better processor, more hubs (i use usb alot) and was easier to upgrade.

    If I was you I would definitely go for a macbook.

    - Jamie

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    Feb 16, 2011
    I also considered getting a Macbook Air prior to getting my Macbook Pro. You pay extra for the Air just to get the "thinnest laptop on the market" whereas you could spend the same amount on the Pro and get a faster processor, more RAM, and bigger harddrive.

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    Macbook it is.

    Cant wait to play on it

    Thanks for your help everyone

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