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Thread: Suggestions and help upgrading RAM on my MBP

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    Suggestions and help upgrading RAM on my MBP

    I currently have a early-2009 17in 2.93mhz MBP with 4g ram, I would like to upgrade it to 8g ram. I live up in the arctic(100kms south of the North Pole)so am unable to take it into apple but am willing to do it myself. I took a look on the apple website for the appropriate memory cards PC3-8500:

    Memory - Apple Store (Canada)

    but they're prices; in my opinion, are ridiculous - $600 for 2x 4g memory cards!!!

    Is it possible to install non-apple memory cards and if so can you recommend any that I could order in Canada and use, for example, anything off of Tiger Direct? I order from there all the time....

    Search Results for PC3-8500 at

    I am also in the market to upgrade my solid-state drive to a faster model but will open a similar thread after I get the ram figured out.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Ordering memory from Tiger Direct or from any other reputable reseller will save you money over ordering from Apple. Since you live in Canada, I recommend shopping from CanadaRam. Their prices are lower than Apple and they are a reputable reseller of memory and other Mac items.

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    Where is the original question?

    - Simon

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    Yes I gathered that, which is why I'm looking for suggestions. I'm slightly computer savvy but not knowledgeable enough to know which ones to buy, however I don't think I'll have a problem installing them. Just need some suggestions on what I could buy and what will work on my system.

    Where is my original post???? WTF...

    If it doesn't show up again, and for those willing to assist...

    I am looking to upgrade my early 2009 17" 2.93mhz MBP from 4g ram to 8g ram - so I need to purchase 2x 4g ram cards. Apple website has them listed for approximately $600 for the pair - which I think is a ridiculous price. I'm looking for suggestions on what cards I can buy which will be compatible with my machine. If you have suggestions I would appreciate a link so I can look it up and hopefully purchase what I need. I previously mentioned if they happened to be on Tiger Direct - I have purchased items from there many times so that would be great. If not, apparently CanadaRam is a great place to order from as well.

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    Here is what you need:

    Two 4GB PC8500 DDR3 1066MHz SO-DIMM's

    And here is a great place to get them from:

    8.0GB (4.0GB + 4.0GB Kit) PC-8500 DDR3... (OWC8566DDR3S8GP) at OWC

    ...though I can't tell if they ship to Canada:
    OWC Shipping Options and order processing information

    There are a number of places on the Web
    where you can find out who currently has the best price:

    tracks the prices for RAM from 42 retailers, with links to each retailer.

    Welcome to RamWatch!


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    OWC ships to Australia so I'm confident they'll ship to Canada.

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    Yeah they do, we always order our RAM/HDs from them no problems.
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    Purchased and shipped. Thanks so much for the help. I will also be upgrading my SSD soon so will be posting a similar thread then.

    Thanks again

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