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Thread: iBook 3g harddrive visible, but not mounting?

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    iBook 3g harddrive visible, but not mounting?

    I'm hoping someone can help me because I'm stumped. I have this old iBook 3G, white 12in, 800Mhz, and I'm trying to fix it up for a friend's kid to use.

    Background: It's had the logic board replaced under the Apple scheme several years ago. 18 months ago, I had the screen replaced and a new 60Gb HD put in and the OS upgraded to Tiger. It worked fine, except that the screen started flickering and blacking out soon after. Pressing to the left of the trackpad worked, I put in a coin, it worked for a while, then it died completely. I set it aside until now. So today, I did the heat gun thing, and the computer now starts, the screen works, etc. But:

    When it starts up, it makes a eeeee-hup, eeeee-hup, eeeee-hup noise that it didn't use to make when healthy, not very loud, maybe six or seven times, and the fan starts up briefly. Then the startup sound comes and I get a flashing folder.

    I ran the hardware test disk that came with the machine (back in 2003) and it found nothing - all the different tests were "passed". I reset the PRAM a couple of times as well, according to Apple's instructions.

    So I'm trying to start from the restore disks (for the old pre-Tiger OS), and go to Disk Utility, and the HD is there, I can see it in the list of disks to choose from, but when I choose it, nothing happens. All the repair buttons are greyed out.

    I also tried starting in target mode with my MacBook Pro to see if I could get at the disk that way. No go - eeee-hup, fan, bong, but the screen stays black no matter how long I hold the T key.

    I'd be really grateful for tips and advice on this. Thanks for reading!

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    It sounds like the hard drive in the iBook has died. No way to know for sure until you swap it out, but since it won't respond to Disk Utility, there's a chance it's failed.

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