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    software to remember installed apps on Mac?
    So I'm contemplating a clean install again on my recent refurb mac.

    What I foresee is a hard time compiling and remembering which softwares I had installed on my mac, besides just writing everything down.

    My friend mentioned there was a software that could record the list of apps that I had installed on my mac so that when I reformat I knew what software to hunt for again.

    Anyone know anything about it? Thanks!

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    You could just take screenshots of your Apps folder.
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    There is hardware and its called a Ext HDD. Do a backup and then you will have them forever and no need to re download
    Or you could look at something like AppFresh that will update all your Apps when set properly in Preferences. . . . . . But backup would be best option i see.

    I am also wondering to as to how if you find this App that your friend suggested and you use it, how will it work on the Mac if you are doing a clean install. Once you wipe the HD there will be no App telling you what Apps you had on your Mac, unless you do a backup then you have no need for this App


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    Pen and piece of paper?
    60% of the time it works every time.

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    Bah, no need to get additional software.
    Open Terminal from your utilities folder and paste in this, One line at a time.
    Then look on your Desktop, and print the text files.

    ls /Applications >> ~/Desktop/Applications.txt
    ls /Applications/Utilities >> ~/Desktop/Utilities.txt
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    wow interesting ideas...

    well i'm not sure how that software wud've worked but perhaps maybe a list or stg i could print out or save in dropbox heh

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