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Thread: MBP vs Air

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    MBP vs Air
    Need help.....kind of.

    Going to purchase a MBP tomorrow b/c i'm in need of a laptop. had my mind set on MBP but now am hearing rumors of next gen MBP. was going to wait to get one, but the next gen won't have anything i can't live w/out since i'm not going to be doing anything crazy with the MBP.

    since i'm not going to wait, should i look at the Air? is it's technology newer and less likely to be phased out (like the current and soon to be old MBP)? or should i just go with the MBP?

    Thoughts are appreciated.

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    Well what do you want to do with the machine?

    And waiting or not waiting is up to you, if you wait for the "new thing" you'll be waiting forever. If the machine meets your needs, just go for it.

    I'd also recommend searching the forum. There are may good Air vs MBP discussions and you'll find some valuable information.
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