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    Macbook Pro Hibernating instead of turning off??????

    i have a late 2010 macbook pro 15" and when i try to recalibrate the battery by running it down until it shuts down it seems like it does i press power and nothing, but after recharging it i press power and a gray screen comes with with a whited out background of os x and it loads my desktop back up.

    does anyone know why it does this?

    also will it still recalibrate the battery this way??

    and is there a way to change it?


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    It is designed to do this, for instance if you unplug it and yank the battery out without turning it off it will do the same thing, it's designed like this so you don't lose your data incase of a fault or power failure.

    Here are the full steps for re-calibrating it...

    It's a simple procedure. Just plug in the MagSafe power adapter and have the Macbook Pro battery completely charged, till you see a change in the light on the MagSafe connector. The light will change to green and the battery icon on the menu bar of the Macbook Pro will show battery charge is full.

    Without removing the power adapter, allow this fully charged battery to rest in this full state for the next two hours. Then, disconnect the power adapter, leave the device on till the battery gets drained and it shows the 'battery low' sign. Continue to keep the Macbook Pro on until it goes into sleep mode on its own.

    Leave the Macbook to be in this sleep state for the next 5 hours. You can check for a pulsing white light on the laptop. When this light stops flickering you know the battery has been completely drained. Once again connect the power adapter and charge the battery completely once again. Once the battery has been thoroughly charged, the calibration procedure is done. Calibration will minimize the number of Macbook Pro battery life problems in the future.

    Hope this helps

    - Simon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzard2010 View Post
    Leave the Macbook to be in this sleep state for the next 5 hours.
    Sounds like the OP was missing this step. Just running it down to 0% and turning it back on isn't the same as "calibrating". Be sure to follow all of the steps Buzzard2010 has posted.

    The official Apple Support page: Apple Portables: Calibrating your computer's battery for best performance
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    i followed those exact steps, im an IT tech so i am pretty computer literate but i wasnt sure if there was something i was missing in the system preferences about hibernation.

    i plugged it in let it fully charge, unplugged it and let it drain, but after the warning, instead of shutting off, it went into hibernation i guess, i mean i did check and the light was off so im sure it was powered off but i remember when i first got the computer and i did this that it just shut off and didnt hibernate so im just curious as to why it would do this all of a sudden.

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    It's fine what's happening, that's what it's designed to do. Your calibration will be fine.

    FWIW, I honestly don't believe that calibration is really all that necessary on moder Mac laptops. The batteries and power management are much more sophisticated.

    So yes, even if your calibration was wrong, most likely you'll be 5 or 10 minutes off. Nothing to really worry about.
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