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    keyboard delay when jumping fields by pressing "tab"
    hey everyone,

    I'm not sure if this happens to anyone else but...when i'm filling out an application or logging into a website that requires me to put a username and password...everytime i jump from field to field by pressing tab...theres a DELAY. for example, I'll type my username and immediately press TAB to jump to the password box and begin to type my password but by the time I finish typing my password, the cursor has barely jumped to the password box and theres a delay for the key sequence pressed to show up.

    I'm sorry if this sounds a little confusing but I'm just a little irritated by that...if u guys understand what i'm trying to say and u know of a fix...could u PLEASE tell me...


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    I have had that happen to me on the past, mainly when I was using Firefox, I switched to Google Chrome and it no longer happened to me. At a guess it was mainly because Firefox was such a resource hog.
    However without knowing what machine, specs, OS and browser you are running it can be hard to pinpoint the exact problem

    - Simon

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    Yeah...I'm using SAFARI as my default browser...just because i've gotten so used to it. but i've tried other browsers and it's the same's quite annoying...I'm wondering if it could be a default system configuration...??

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