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    Macbook Pro trackpad issue... Is there a resolution yet? Please help
    I have a mid 09 macbook pro 13 and the trackpad is sticking and not preforming as it should. I have read about many people with this issue, and it seems as if there is no fix for it besides having a new trackpad installed. This would be fine and dandy if it was still under warranty but it's not. Has anyone found a resolution to this? Thanks in advance.

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    Beneath the battery, there's a small torx adjustment screw for the trackpad. By either slightly tightening or loosening the screw, you can adjust the sensitivity of the trackpad click mechanism. If that doesn't help, replacing the trackpad might be the only other option. I believe the repair cost to replace the trackpad is around $130-150 parts and labor.

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    Is this something I can do myself? If so how much is "slightly"?

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