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    Question is KTA-MB1066/4GETR ram OK for 2009 Macbook?
    Hi! Totally new to this forum and mac. Scored a used Macbook (2009) with final cut pro for editing and wanted to upgrade from 2gig to 4gig ram. Any way to know:

    a. if KTA-MB1066/4GETR ram will work?
    b. if a newbie like me can replace the ram safely?
    c. (bonus) if that's enough to edit HD footage okay?

    Already searched the forum for this but don't see an answer.

    THANKS. Enjoying the difference from PC and looking forward to learning a lot in this forum. Will try to help out when I learn enough to be helpful.


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    this should tell you what ram you need.

    im guessing its PC3-8500 1066MHz DDR3 RAM, let me know if im right.

    im guessing you are in the USA, if not try the uk site. alot of people on here recommend crucial.

    the RAM is easy enough to install. make sure you discharge static electricity from your body before touching any components. (i discharged on the optical drive casing.)

    there are alot of tutorials on youtube on how to do it.

    as for HD footage, i struggled with memory with 4GB, so i cant really say.

    hope ive helped somewhat.
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    a. Sorry, but I don't think anyone here is going to be familiar with a specific part number amongst the hundreds of different sticks of RAM out there.

    Even after we go search for it, we still can't answer the question without knowing which MacBook you have. Some '09 models use DDR2 and some use DDR3

    You can find the answer to what type of RAM your Mac uses along with the max you can put in your machine at (The Crucial site above will work also.)

    b. Should be able to.
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