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    Molten lava inside my MBP?
    The temperature in my mac gets to over 150 degrees! That is according to smcFanControl on my mac. How can it get that hot and not destroy my mac?
    1) I cleaned and dusted both fans which are in working condition
    2) I have them working at over 5800rpm
    3) I have my computer slightly elevated above my desk for ventilation.

    I am playing RIFT through bootcamp on my mac and it starts to get really hot. My mac is almost always above 100 degrees F and over 120 degrees constantly when gaming. I want to be able to play games on my mac but I don't want to destroy it in the process. I read up on this but it still seems really ridiculous to me. Any advice?

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    Back to my old 2.2GHz C2D MB after selling my MBP and wondering what my next Mac will be :)
    These temps are acceptable, especially if gaming or using anything flash intensive.


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    Technically it's not lava until it spews out of your MBP. It would be magma still. High temps for games, flash and rendering is normal.

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    translation to 65C - not that hot for any electronic components - I have run mine for hours at a time while gaming with the temps in excess of 90C - translation 195 degrees - and now over 4 years old - the longest I have owned any single computer since my first computer in 1981 - only seems ridiculous to you because you are not aware of how hot the individual components in a computer will get.

    An automobile engine will run between 200-250 degrees. The thermostat may not even open to circulate the coolant until they reach 185-195 degrees. The fans may not even start until they hit 210 degrees. You could worry about that instead of your computer since they cost a lot more than a computer.

    For anyone else not familiar with temps, I would suggest you remove smcfancontrol and any other temp monitoring software on your machine and go back to the peaceful bliss you had with your Windows machines related to this matter.

    The only thing to be aware of related to your Mac for the average individual is to realize that the slot at the hinge is where your Mac notebook breathes. You should maintain a clear area around this slot to allow the machine to cool itself properly and as it was designed to do. That is: don't set it on the carpet, the bed, etc. which would block the air flow.

    (edit: and btw, this is not a problem, just a lack of knowledge - which is ok - we don't mind answering those either - am pretty sure I asked a lot of questions with my first Mac that are all second nature now and just reading the forums, there is still a whole ton of stuff I don't have a clue about.)
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    There is a reason gaming rigs have big heat sinks, large fans and sometimes more of them besides the obvious fact that some over-clock the processor. But if you Google other thin and light laptops you will notice they all experience high temps when gaming. I seriously doubt the public would like to return to 2 inch thick laptops with big noisy fans
    that will chew through a battery in 1 hour.

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