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    coffe on my keyoard :(
    My roommate spilled a coffee on my keyboard.i tried to dried it as fast as i could and first i didn't see any problems but now when i tried to type 5 i saw that is not working...5,t,g and b are working only when i hold the key next to them...some times even when i am holding and trying to press the key it makes for example when i press "t" it writes "qwert"....also the mute button is not working too...does anybody know what can i do? i want to bring it to an official mac store to see if they can fix it or change it but in Dubai there is no official store... i would appreciate any help

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    There's the which is a start for you.

    However, since you've powered up the system and are running is clear that you've got shorts on your'll most likely have to replace the keyboard to get things working..the iFixIt link should give you an idea on what's involved..ideally taking it back to an Apple-authorized or savvy store would be ideal..


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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    You will be lucky if that is all that goes wrong as coffee can cause the logic board to fail with time. Liquid + electronics is a poor, and often fatal, mix.
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    Amen to what harry said. We try to explain that to folks who have had a spill on their machines - that right now it may "seem" to work OK, but over time it may cause damage to the logic board. If you're able, take the machine apart and clean as much as you can with distilled water (don't soak it) especially the logic board.

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    hopefully you can fix or replace the keyboard, but if not you could always get a external keyboard from the apple store and use that. I had to do that for my g4 tibook that had an accident with iced tea at the starbucks i go to.... my tibook still works fine that way the only reason it got retired as a laptop and made my desktop is i didnt want to spend over $ 100.00 for anew battery when i got my g4 ibook 1.2 for $ 100.00 more. i still use my tibook daily as my desktop when im home and sometimes it is on overnight playing internet radio thru itunes.

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