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    Where's a good place to get Mac parts?
    I recently got an old Powerbook G3 400MHz laptop. It's the one with the bronze keyboard. I'd like to upgrade the RAM and HDD. Do these machines take regular PC IDE HDDs and RAM or do I have to get Mac parts? If so, where's a good place to order them? Thanks.

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    Your G3 uses a PATA (IDE) type drive. As for the memory, I'm not sure what it uses but you can find out easy enough. And no, you don't need Mac specific parts. Apple uses the same components that other computer manufacturers use.

    Let's see if I can be more specific:

    Your machine will take 2 each PC66 3.3V 144 Pin SO-DIMMs. Installed memory max is 512 MB.

    ATA hard drive.

    Your machine is very old (circa 1999) so I wouldn't spend much money on upgrading it. It does not have an Airport card or Blue Tooth and the bus is very slow by today's standards.

    You may be better off buying a more modern used Intel MacBook instead of spending money on upgrading the Powerbook.

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    Have a look at OWC ~ MacSales and then put in your Mac specs and it will bring up all compatible RAM
    Great company and never had problems with them delivering to Australia

    Your looking at $28.99 for 265mb


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