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    Macbook pro 15 inch keyboard repair
    I have broken the left arrow key on my 2010 15 inch macbook pro. The button has partially broken off, and will not stick back onto the rubber below. I would bring it in for repair, but I need the computer for school.

    1. What is involved in a keyboard repair? Do they still have to replace the entire top case section?

    2. How long will a keyboard repair/ replacement take?

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    Why don't you make an appointment with the genius bar and take it on in? If they tell you that it has to be sent out for repair or if it will take several days, you can delay having it repaired until Spring Break when you won't be using the machine.

    They may be able to replace just the key that broke off which would only take 15 minutes or so. I'm assuming here that you didn't break the key due to your neglect or accidental damage. If so, Apple may charge you for the repair.

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    Yes, the Genius Bar exists exactly for these kinds of problems. I had a key pop off my MBP keyboard and they just snapped back on carefully for me. I imagine they would have sold me a new key if I had needed it.

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