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    New Airport won't work with 40-bit WEP??
    I got a new MBA, and have had endless issues getting kicked off the internet, while all the other wireless devices in the house (including other Macs) stay connected. After about a month of calls and visits to Apple, a "wireless expert" on Apple phone support told me it was my router's encryption causing the problem - he said newer Macs are incompatible with 40-bit WEP and I have to switch to 128. I'm skeptical - anyone else hear of this? If so, any options to fake compatibility short of changing my encryption? While I can do that in my house, I travel a lot, and don't want to run into this issue in every hotel and office I run into. Any wisdom would be appreciated!

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    We have seen repeated issues with WEP and Macs as long as I've been a member here.

    Point of the matter, you may as well not be using any encryption as to use WEP. It is a dead encryption technology as it can be broken in under a minute by any of your neighborhood 12 year olds that chooses to do so.

    You need to move to WPA/WPA2. There shouldn't be any businesses using WEP on their networks, at least not if they care about the security of the data on their network.

    Most hotel wifi is unencrypted.
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