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    Where are my photos/movies? new hdd issues
    Just successfully increased my harddrive from 250 gb to 640 gb in my late 2008 macbook unibody.

    I time machined and put all my info back on this new hdd, found my music and put it in itunes but cannot find my pics or movies to put in iphoto and imovie respectfully?

    I see the pics and movies in my documents but can't drag and drop ?
    Anyone help?

    thanks for all your wisdom!

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    have you tried Importing under the File Menu?
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    Why didn't you just let Time Machine put your movies and pictures back automatically? That's the whole point of it... it will restore everything back to where it was. Are you saying Time Machine didn't put those files back so you tried dragging and dropping and even that doesn't work?

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