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    What's the best option for 2nd HD in my MBP (optibay vs. datadoubler vs. other)
    I plan to replace the superdrive in my 2010 MBP (15 inch i5 2.4), and since there are quite a few options out there I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts.

    Here are the options as far as I understand it:

    MCE OPtibay, $99 w/external super drive enclosure.

    OWC Datadoubler, $75 w/o external SD enclosure.

    Maxupgrades, $73 with, $89 w/o external SD enclosure. MaxConnect Optical Bay kit for MacBooks & MacBook Pros Unibody Models

    Brainy deals $16.99 + shipping (???) w/o external SD enclosure. 2nd SATA HDD Hard Drive Module Caddy for Apple Unibody MacBook 13 15 17 Internal SuperDrive: Electronics

    Are there even more options out there?

    Does anyone know if there are any significant quality/functionality differences between those options?

    Does anyone know anything about that last cheap option? Sounds great to save money, but I'd rather not take a chance if the quality is poor.

    Thanks in advance for any info!

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    there are some that will say the cheap option is good, and they are happy with ones they bought on ebay, and others that will say no, you should go for the official options. id feel better going for the datadoubler, as owc are mac experts, and they have tutorial videos showing the product working.

    why scrimp on a product that needs to be good quality, its going to be holding your precious data so wouldnt you like something you can trust?
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    The OWC DataDoubler and MaxUpgrade's version are EXACTLY the same. Same chip, same aluminum, same plug adapter. The only difference is with the screws. I would stray away from an ebay/amazon one because they are cheap quality that have pressed-metal cut-outs(flimsy) instead of the solid aluminum ones from OWC and MU(maxupgrades). I have the MU version that I got along with their external drive enclosure. If I had to mod another macbook, I would buy the same one in a heart beat. The external enclosure they provide is the main selling point for me going with MU, otherwise, I care who I bot it from(owc/mu).

    You got the MU price wrong though. It's 89 with the external. Shipping was 6 bucks I think.

    The MCE is just an overpriced piece of crap, ever worse than the one you listed on amazon!
    There are actually many online articles filled with complaints for the MCE!
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    Thanks for your thoughts.

    When I found that one on Amazon, and then headed over to e-bay, I knew there had to be something because f the big price difference!

    Since this is my work computer I'd rather not chance it so I think I'll go with the MU option with the enclosure. Thanks!

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