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    Connect G5 Maxxtor HD as external HD to MacBook Pro

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    Connect G5 Maxxtor HD as external HD to MacBook Pro
    Hi there,

    My G5 crashed and it will take 2 months to fix. I have the HD from it and I tried connecting it to my MacBook Pro with a 2.5" HD USB Enclosure (VANTEC NexStar TX NST-210S2-BK Aluminum 2.5" USB 2.0 External Enclosure). Nothing happens. The blue LED light comes on but the HD doesn't start. What should I do instead? Do I need more power? I have no clue.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated on how to get access to my data, it's work related and every day counts...


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    Connect G5 Maxxtor HD as external HD to MacBook Pro
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    G5's use a 3.5" hard drive so how did you get it in a 2.5" case? What operating systems are on the G5 drive and your MBP?

    Do you need to boot from the G5 drive and if so maybe it will require a Firewire connection?
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    Connect G5 Maxxtor HD as external HD to MacBook Pro
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    it should be a bootable disk, so holding down option (alt) key at start up should bring up the image to select.

    FW would be a good choice for connection.

    as for the enclosure, is it powered? i doubt any disk that you want to boot from should be bus powered.

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