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    Itunes and Iphone restore--need help
    i have a new macbook and just added all my itunes information from a backup that Time Machine has made. I plugged in my iphone and it says that if i want to sync my apps, music etc. that it will replace everything on my phone from what it on the computer.

    I am nervous to say yes because of the progress of the games I have made on my phone. Will those be wiped out?

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    Did you backup your iphone onto itunes before you backed up itunes onto time machine? If so then all your iphone data should be saved on the backup.
    If this is the case then you should have nothing to worry about as when it re-syncs your phone you can restore it from the backup you made.

    Hope this helps.
    - Simon

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    it didn't work. when i restored fro my backup it actually erased all the apps so I had to add them back on. ugh.

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