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    So the project that I'm attempting to do isn't going so well at the moment. I bought some vinyl decals online of a football helmet stripe which I was going to run down the center of my 13'' Macbook and I was obviously going to cut out the apple logo in the center of it. (B/c who wants to cover that up honestly) However, I've been trying to use an exacto knife but it isn't turning out as clean as I wanted it to. Anything suggestions for what I need to do to make this process a little easier so the product turns out the way I want it? Help!

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    Put one of the small  stickers that come with an iPod or iPhone over the lighted one on the back of your MB (exact same size). But put it on after the stripe so it covers the uneven edges of your stripe and you can still see the light through it.

    Either that or cut your stripe off square and don't have it touch your  logo. Stop it a little short.
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