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    MB 13.3 Keyboard and Logic board - HELP

    I currently live in Brazil, and have a Mac Book 13.3 that I bought in the US in 2007. The MB works fine, except for the keyboard -- I can only use the external keyboard.

    I took it to a shop here in Brazil, and they are quoting me a repair price of $1500 to replace the logic board !!???

    Is this insane or what?

    Anyone have ideas or similar experience with MB 13.3 keyboards? I'd even be willing to try and replace the logic board myself, but just seems strange that the machine works perfectly well with the external - only the resident keyboard is not working.

    Thanks for any info or suggestions - my email


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    That repair shop in Brazil is assuming the logic board is at fault. If you can use an external keyboard and the machine operates normally with it there's nothing wrong with the logic board.

    If I were you, I would order a new keyboard assembly and cable (I believe they're sold together) and replace the old one yourself.

    Having said the above..... I'm assuming that you have not spilled any thing on your keyboard. If you have, then the repair shop may be justified in what they told you. Keyboard spills almost always do some damage to the logic board beneath.

    Go to iFixit: The free repair manual and have your model number handy. Look up the part and the step by step instructions for replacement. You can order the part directly from them. I believe they ship outside the US.

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