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    MacBook Display question.... goes dark at a certain angle
    Just traded my nephew for his macbook, because his display goes dark unless his monitor is in a certain position. So, I get the thing, and it has to be pretty much closed to get the back light on, and it occasionally is ok if it is in the fully "open" position.
    So my question is, it appears that the inverter is OK, and the LCD is ok, but is the inverter cable damaged at the hinge or at the inverter?
    I have no history on the machine, but is was a college students so who knows how many times it's been dropped!

    Any ideas on where to start would be greatly appreciated. I have used iFixIt before for other machines, but not sure they talk to much about the cable, and the inverter seems fine. I know someone's been in the machine, because the hard drive has been replaced. I think it's a model A1181, but I know it's a Intel Core 2 Duo 2Ghz


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    I believe you've got it right. Almost every MacBook and MBP that I've seen which exhibits the same symptoms as you describe was either because of a pinched or bad cable connector that fed through the hinge area.

    If you're familiar with the ifixit site, go thru their step by step instructions and identify the cables you need or think you need, and order direct from them.

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    Thanks for the response.
    I assume by the lack of replies, that this is not a very common issue!
    I guess that's good. I will take it apart and see what I come up with. Tempted to just order the cable and have it here when I take it apart!
    Thanks and I welcome any other input,


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