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    Two questions... one about CPU temperature, and another about battery health.
    1) How can I keep my Macbook Pro cooler? Whenever I try to play games, the temperature spikes up to 85-95 degrees Celsius! I use smcFanControl and have a laptop cooling pad, but none of these add-ons seem to help.

    2) I've had my MBP for a little over a year now, and the battery health is at 85%. Is this "normal"? It seems a bit lower than it should, and calibrating the battery only brings it up a percentage or two.

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    We don't play games on our Macbook Pro... So I can't speak specifically to that. But if with a laptop cooling pad, and SMC control with the fans manually kicked up to max, you're still getting that high, I'd think you have an entirely different problem... I'm not sure what games do to the CPU temperature, but when we use ours even for some heavy duty rendering and CPU intensive tasks, it never gets nearly that high... You might call Apple about that... Unless another member that plays games on theirs has some experience. Just seems way too high to me if you're actually using a cooling pad and the fans at max speed and still hitting 95 cel. on the CPU....

    I wish I knew more about batteries, but I am sure someone will chime in about it
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