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Thread: Mac Book or Pro?

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    Mac Book or Pro?
    Hi Folks
    Since this is my first post I'd better tell you a little bit about me.
    I'm a 62 yr. old fart that has decided that I want to find something better than a PC even though what I have has worked for me all this time. But I'm fed up with MS and absolutely hate Win7!!!!

    I do nothing but browse the web, send e-mails to my far away friends, and google everything.
    I also like to take and store photos from my other hobby of trains and model railroading. So far I'm not into too many videos.

    I'm trying to decide if a simple Mac Book will work for me, or if I should upgrade to a basic 13" Pro. For the extra price I will double the ram, have the extra protection of an aluminum case, have a back lit keyboard which is nice, and have an SD lot.

    Any thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



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    I love our Macbook Pro. So naturally I'll make a vote for the MBP. The aluminum case is beautiful, but be careful... It scratches and dents easily, aluminum is a very soft metal. It may be stronger than the material on the standard Macbook, but it will "show" damage easier if damage gets done. The benefits of the MBP outweigh the price difference, if you ask me. But you might also look at the refurb store! You might get a more powerful machine for less money! (and still the same warranty as brand new, and Applecare too if you want it!)

    Welcome to the forums! Best of luck with your purchase!!
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    Go pro. It also has a FireWire port and a glass screen over the LCD. All the upgrades are well worth the price difference

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    Cool Go Pro Refurb!
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    Because... I just got the MBP Refurb from I totally recommend that direction. It's just like new! I researched a ton, and the reviews are stellar for items from Apple's refurb store, and I am another one! Go Pro... Base 13 is 999 on refurb.

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    Can't go wrong with either of them. The Pro version obviously has more features. You have to decide for yourself on what features you need, and if you can live without them. That will obviously narrow it down.

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    To answer your question - it does sound like the MacBook will meet your relatively simple requirements for computing - but yes - certainly the MacBook Pro is a much more capable machine. But can you do everything you described with a MacBook? Yes. That's basicaly what my wife does - and her school provided MacBook is just fine. The only caveat might be if you're doing a lot of photo editing - then you'll want some additional horsepower - but that's not what I took from your post.

    I couldn't agree more regarding the refurb store. Heck - I was wishing I had been a little more informed and known about the refurb store. There are quite a few MacBook pros in there right now with some great deals.

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    if it was me buying, i wouldnt be able to stand the plastic
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    Don't forget that the display quality is also much higher on the Pro - colors are deeper, fonts are clearer and sharper, white is brighter etc.

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    Apple makes great products! Just choose something that works with you! I have both a Macbook Pro and Macbook. Pro works better with work and lots of pro things lol. I really love the MacBook becuase I can take it anywhere without disconnecting lots of wires and USB cords.

    Good Luck!

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    Im in the same boat...looking at the Refurb version of both and is the 150 worth jumping to the pro model...from what I can see i think so ! What about the unibody aluminum vs plastic ? To be honest I like the look of the macbook plastic but will it hold up as good as the aluminum over time ? Main uses are webbrowsing, light amount of home video editing, streaming lots of tv/movies.

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    As far as Aluminum vs. Plastic... They will both hold up very well over time if you take care of them! Carry them in a bag or protective sleeve when you take them away from home, and don't leave them where the cats or kids can knock them off of things, don't use them as a surface to make notes on, set stuff on top of them, etc. and they will both stay in good cosmetic condition for a very long time
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