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    How long until items reach the refurb store??
    I was looking at getting a refurbished Macbook Pro 15" i5. But now all this talk about the newest MBP refresh happening is making me want to hold out for the newest models. I'm still really big on the idea of getting a refurb item, since everyone seems to like them so much for the quality and discount. About how long does it take items to enter the refurb store after they are released? A month? A week? 2 months? Anyone know?

    I might be leaning toward the 2011 MBPs, but it might persuade me to buy a current refurb now if I'm going to end up waiting a month or so for the new release, THEN another month on top of that for the refurbs of that.

    So how long does it take new items to enter the refurb store? Is there anyway to find this out?

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    Well I'm sure it just depends. But, unless I'm reading your post wrong, they already have the 15" i5's in the refurb store...

    MacBook Pro 15" - Apple Store (U.S.)

    and as far as the next model refurbs...I guess it takes however long it takes for people to return/send them back before they go in the refurb store.
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