Howdy Folks!

I realize this isn't specifically for Mac Notebooks (could be any Mac, or Windersİ PC for that matter), but that's how I used it Mods, if you think this is more of an iOS topic, please move!

There's an iOS app called Mobile Mouse, both a free a [well worth $1.99] pay version. The latter adds remote templates (UI specific to the app), high resolution graphics (for iP4), several other perks for ~$2.

We plugged in the MBP into the downstairs TV via HDMI, fired up Mobile Mouse, and had perfect control to first navigate to the proper app (VLC) and then run that specific app with a beautifully design remote control interface for all main VLC functions (play/pause/chapters/etc.).

If you ever use your MBP connected to a TV and want a nice remote solution vs. a full keyboard and/or mouse/trackpad, this is outstanding. The app is for iOS (so iPhone, iPod, iPad) and there's a server app for OSX and Windows (havent' tried anything but the OSX version so far). It works over WiFi, and takes about 30 seconds to setup.

This also gives you a full keyboard, trackpad, "air gestures", and access to your desktop/finder, with a small, and really nicely rendered view of your dock.