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Thread: Some keys not working

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    Feb 02, 2011
    Some keys not working
    I have a Macbook pro, so far I have had this problem 3 times, all 3 times I was running Logic pro 9, although i'm not sure if logic is the problem or if it was just a coincidence.

    Basically most of the keys on my keyboard stop working, all the letters and numbers and characters don't work. the only keys I found to work where the F1-F12 and the delete key.

    The track pad works fine.

    And the problem stays after I close logic.

    The problem stops when I restart my computer.

    I use logic for an hour or so before the problem happens.

    Most times I use logic and it doesn't happen.

    Anyone had the same problem or know what it might be?

    Thanks, Hanuman

    EDIT: How stupid am I, I accidentally switched mouse keys on.

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    Feb 02, 2011
    The problem just happened again, this time I was running abelton live, and i noticed this time there was a noise made right before the keys stopped, it was like 3 clicks going up in pitch.

    Also if I use an iphone remote keyboard app it works.

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    Feb 02, 2011
    I had that problem too but my mouse had also stopped and I could not associate with a specific program or action. but after rebooting it would come to normal. I also had my internet connection stop working afer 1 y and a bit. And..., in less than 3 years my mother board went. I have no idea if these problems are all linked, I am only giving my exeperience and suggest you check with the experts at Apple! Good luck!

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