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    Apple Satin Skin
    Whats up guys? I wanted to ask anyone if they had this skin.. Speck Products See Thru Satin, Soft Touch Hard Shell Case, for 15-inch MacBook Aluminum Unibody/Black Keyboard MB15AUSAT-BLK-D (Black) - DOES NOT FIT WHITE MACBOOK: Electronics

    if so let me know if it works, i really want to know if my apple symbol will show in the back of my screen.. please let me know.

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    NOTE: Moved to more appropriate forum.

    Not sure what this has to do with MacWorld.
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    Not sure why people buy skins anyway, the macbooks look sexy as it is, and not like the skins protect it that much. Just IMO.

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    Thats not a skin. It looks like a case. A case that I own by the way. They are the best. Speck satin case. Ive been using them for years. BUy it. Or if you want to see it in person, go to your local apple store. They have some there so you can see and feel the case. It has a nice soft feel to it but still hard to protect the macbook.

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